Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best
Our footage is the best


Streamline's unparalleled library includes footage from every decade between the 1890s and the present.

In addition to the collections listed on this page, Streamline also has Educational Films, Feature Films, TV Shows and Commercials, and Government Films. See why we were voted #1 for Client Satisfaction in an independent survey!

Our Nature, Wildlife, Scenics & Beauty shots encompass every geographic location and living species. Whether you want Lions, Waterfalls, Sunsets or Sweeping New England Vistas, this collection will satisfy your aesthetic needs.

Streamline is proud to represent an award-winning North American news source that offers the National and INTERNATIONAL events that shape our world. The collection also serves as an archive of current LIFESTYLES, TRENDS and FADS. From the beaches at Cannes to gritty crime scenes, Streamline has the footage that documents the times in which we live. (Just Added: Contemporary Police Chases!)

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat resonate through Streamline's Sports Archive, which spans the eras from the Babe to Barry Bonds. Our vintage and contemporary footage includes Baseball, Extreme Sports, Horse Racing, Auto Racing (NASCAR), Football, Soccer, Surfing, Bungee Jumping and every other competition humans have ever mustered. (Our Sports Bloopers show what happens when athletic efforts go awry.)

From the '20s through the '60s, NEWSREELS presented the whole, wide world to the public as they sat waiting to see the latest Hollywood films. You'll find events both important and frivolous, just as they were presented in the pre-CNN era in our newsreels, which document the events that defined the "olden days" and also helped create who we are today.


Our library includes a particularly fine collection of Contemporary Storm Footage which is just part of our archive of weather-related material. Hurricanes (Katrina!), Twisters, Hail Storms and Electrical Storms are just a few of the meteorological plagues documented in our weather collection.

Our Exclusive Collections
, the collected works of Oscar-nominated animation director Bill Plympton. One of the few animators who owns the rights to all his characters and creations, Bill's library is represented exclusively by Streamline. Much sought-after in the advertising and art communities, Plympton has lent his unique style to such advertisers as Taco Bell, AT&T, Campbell's Soup and Microsoft. He's produced IDs for MTV and NBC as well as short cartoons and features which have been immensely popular on both the film festival circuit and home video.

Sinister Cinema, The largest private collection of Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime & Fantasy motion pictures. Popular subjects of the collection include Monsters, Robots, Dinosaurs, Vampires, Aliens and Space Ships. From Saturday Matinees to Delinquent Drive-In days, the Sinister archive covers anything and everything related these genre films.

RJ TV Archives, the largest privately held collection of Television Shows and Commercials. Founded by an historian who had the vision to preserve these early productions, the collection is comprised of over 15,000 hours of historic entertainment. The collection features many one-of-a-kind rarities, which no longer exist from any other source. For now, the collection is archived by personalities and show titles. A total cataloguing is underway to make it even more accessible.

New Wave, independent film studio that has been producing feature films since the '70s. New Wave's wide-ranging shot list (many in 3-D) includes Monsters, Discos, Flying Saucers, Aerials, Car Chases, Explosions, Love Scenes, Psychotic Killers and assorted Happy Endings.

, international Martial Arts productions representing the largest collection of cleared Kung-Fu and Karate films

The Classic Hollywood Collection, a comprehensive collection of shorts and features from the silent era up through the 1950s. All genres are represented including silent comedy, melodrama, horror and musicals. Stars include Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Bette Davis, Bela Lugosi and virtually every major film personality of the pre-television era. Also included in this collection are many of the wacky stunts and competions that marked this simpler time.

The Hollywood Corral, From Broncho Billy Anderson to John Wayne, the single largest collection of western films available. Cavalry Charges, Showdowns, Wagon Trains, Pioneers and more.

The Lookout Collection, The incomparable collection of Lookout Films, Inc. (acquired by Streamline in 1999), featuring domestic and International Images from the 1980s and '90s, many highlighting Latinos and African-Americans.

The Millennium Collection, At the dawn of the 21st century, we are recording the brave new world in which we currently live. Our cinematographers are all over the planet, documenting the historic moments of our time.

We go to the ends of the earth searching for great stock footage. New material arrives daily! Streamline represents cinematographers from around the world in its search for the perfect shot. From surfing in Hawaii to tribal dances in the Congo to revels in a Parisian Café, Streamline can find it! And if doesn't exist we'll shoot for you at an amazingly reasonable price. Streamline shoots on demand!

Use our large library as your price advantage. We begin every job with an eye on your bottom line. Streamline can offer licensing deals that make everyone a winner. Screening cassettes? Even the nominal fee for screening material is almost always deductible against any licensing you do with the company. Just talk to us. We've got the shot and understand your budget.


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